4 FREE Printables to Help You Eat Healthy

Organization. Yep, I just spouted that ugly word like it was nothing. Here's what I think. Time is available, but the organization of that time is what actually pulls us down the rabbit hole of fast food and unhealthy, overly processed snacks. Here are 4 FREE printables to help you combat the organization monster!


Not Your Average Blueberry Muffins

Blueberries in season are bursting with sweet, tart flavor. I love to make blueberry muffins this time of year. It takes me back to summer fun under the sprinkler and sleeping in with no school!

Cilantro Lime Rice and Ground Turkey Taco Bowl

The reason the ground turkey works so well here is that its own mild flavor soaks up the seasonings so well and lets them shine. It doesn't overpower that earthy taco seasoning with the cumin and chili powder, or the fresh citrus taste of the cilantro and lime in the rice beneath.